Pusoy Dos T - White/Red

*Sharing The Traditions of Togetherness Series* 

Our Pusoy Dos Ts and Hoodies are made with 100% thick cotton in standard fit.

The front of the shirt is embodied with the our logo and the number "2", signifying two things:

  1. the 2 of spades - the highest card in the game of pusoy dos
  2. 2020 - the year Bawang was established

The back of the shirt is a graphic silk screen print with our branding. The design is a play on a deck of cards, using some of Bawang's brand elements to pull it all together.

The concept is a perfect alignment of Bawang's values and mission - that is to share the tradition of togetherness. The same way food brings people together, so does the game of Pusoy Dos.